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ECOS is a collaborative initiative that seeks to strengthen strategical capacities of organizations, collectives, and networks of civil society in Mexico and Central America. We work with organizations of:

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Strategic Thinking Support
The main stage of this process is the development of a Theory of Change, which reflects the long, medium, and short-term objectives, while allowing planning focused on the impact.
“It has been an achievement to be able to rethink our Institutional Strategic Plan and adapt it to the context we are experiencing.”
“The Theory of Change has been a guide to develop a more organized work and to know where we are going with the tools we have, even with all the challenges that arise.”
“The Theory of Change (TOC) provides us with insights on the course of direction the organization should take. This year we created a new area within the organization, and its creation was included as part of the TOC.”
Financial Resilience Support
This process aims to build sustainable skills and knowledge so that the operation and mobilization of resources are at the center of an institutional strategy for sustainability and impact. These processes are designed based on the Financial Innovation and Resilience (FIRE) methodology from Spring Strategies.
“We have reflected on the importance of financial well-being from a holistic perspective. Also on the challenges we may face.”
“For the first time our the organization’s life, the 2024 Budget allows me to see, from an accounting perspective, how to out the year 2023 in the banks and verify it.”
“Thanks to this process we took the time to reflect on the organization’s objective and whether we were fulfilling it or not, or if we were only acting under the conditions set by our donors.
Additionally, creating an institutional budget helped us put on the table the goals that drive us and that we want to achieve. Once that was defined, we could build projects with their respective budgets with a projection closer to reality and to future contingencies.”


We want to incorporate allies to continue weaving a more resilient civil society.
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We are deeply thankful with the Ford Foundation, the Foundation for a Just Society and the Packard Foundation for supporting our work in Ecos Initiative.