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Rethink the process, Reimagine the outcome and reshape the impact. To do this, we will use 2 of our main methodologies:

Theory of Change

Process of analysis and participatory reflection that allows us to take a pause to see where our organization is and identify the changes we want to achieve, taking into account the context and the specific contribution of our organization. It is part of our Strategic Support service.

Financial Resilience

We seek to make it an integral part of the organizations' cause and strategy, allowing them to achieve a greater impact that is aligned with the mission. When the resilience mindset becomes a component of the organization, it allows for greater diversification of resources in order to achieve sustainability.

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Founded in 2014 in Mexico City, we are an international consultancy called Meta, inspired by change.

We support social transformation driven by organizations and institutions, strengthening capacities that allow them autonomy and sustainability. Our collective of professionals and activists, with more than 20 years of experience, operates globally: working with actors in the global north and making a mark in the global south.

We offer specialized services to government institutions, philanthropic organizations and civil society organizations in both the global north and south.

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If you are a person or organization that seeks social change.
COMETA has everything to offer.

Who do we work with?

National and international civil society organizations

Civil society organizations that work autonomously to generate impact on issues related to social changes and human rights.

Donors and international cooperation agencies

National and international private institutions, which support civil society organizations and movements with financial and strategic services. This includes international funds that promote the construction and sustainability of social movements.

Public institutions at the national and international levels

International, national and local government institutions; independent parliaments and institutions that seek social change.

International institutions and organizations

Associations or groups made up of institutions, States or other actors, which transcend national borders.

Colectivo Meta Team

Atzimba Baltazar Macías

Founding partner

Manuela Garza Ascencio

Founding partner

Guadalupe Mendoza Trejo

Director of Special Projects

Mayra Calderón Jaidar

Administration coordinator

Anna Langheinrich

Senior consultant

Tonatiuh Paz

Senior consultant

Arianna Bizzoni

Senior consultant

María MacGregor Aja

Junior consultant

Olaya Reyes

Junior consultant