Colectivo Meta is an international consultancy consortium founded in 2014, based in Mexico City.

Our name comes from the ancient Greek word μετά ⎯meta⎯, that indicates the end of a process, a change or transformation. We support organizations and institutions that advocate for social change. We are also interested in building and strengthening our clients’ capacities.

We are a collective because our team and experts in different countries can perform independent work that contribute to the same objectives we look for as a group, from their own knowledge, interests, experiences and capabilities.

Our team is integrated by professionals and activists with more than twenty years of experience in the different areas of our portfolio and in national and international civil society organizations, public institutions and other consultancy firms.


We are an international consultancy based in Mexico City that designs and strengthens the strategic processes and capacities of our clients, through a sustained and tailored accompaniment.


Colectivo META (COMETA) is the leading consultancy firm in strengthening processes of organizations and institutions aiming to achieve social change.

For our colleagues, COMETA is a professional platform for professional development, collective learning and innovation that reconciles personal and professional life.


  • Intellectual and professional honesty
  • Respect for human rights and diversity
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Social commitment


Atzimba Baltazar Macías

She is a founding partner of COMETA. Her area of expertise is the design and development of methodologies for analyzing and evaluating projects and public policies. During 2013, she worked at the Secretary General of the Federal Institute of Access to Information (IFAI) in Mexico, where she previously served from 2002 to 2007 as a case researcher of appeals submitted to IFAI regarding denials of information requests.

From 2010 to 2013, she worked as the Program Officer for the Mentoring Government Capacity for Budget Transparency and Participation Program at the International Budget Partnership where she assisted governments in Central America and Africa to strengthen its capacities to improve budget transparency and fostering dialogue with civil society organizations.

Atzimba holds a Master of Public Administration in Public and Nonprofit Management and Policy from New York University and a BA in Public Administration from El Colegio de Mexico.

Manuela Garza Ascencio

She is a founding partner of COMETA. Her main themes of expertise are: budgets, gender, sexual and reproductive health, advocacy, capacity building and strategic thinking. Currently, she is part of the Board of the Project on Organizing, Development, Education and Research (PODER). She began her work on accountability related issues in 2002.

In Mexico, from 2003 to 2005, she worked with Fundar on gender budget issues and socially oriented budget analysis. She worked for seven years as a Program Officer of the Partnership Initiative at the International Budget Partnership (IBP) supporting civil society groups in Africa, Asia and Central America.

With the IBP, she had the opportunity to work with more than 45 organizations in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Manuela holds a Master in Social Anthropology and a BA in International Affairs from the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México, ITAM).

Guadalupe Mendoza Trejo

Director of Special Projects at COMETA. She has worked in philanthropy and civil society for almost 20 years.

From 2016 to 2021 she was Director of Institutional Development at the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness, AC, and between 2003 and 2012, she worked as Program Officer and then as Interim Director of the Global Development and Population program of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. in Mexico.

She also worked as a Program Associate for the Finance for Development and Economic Security program of the Mexico and Central America office of the Ford Foundation. Guadalupe has been a consultant for the Ford Foundations, Open Society, Oak, MacArthur, Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation, Hispanics in Philanthropy, and the Global Fund for Human Rights, as well as for Spring Strategies and Colectivo Meta.

Her work has focused on assisting civil society organization and donors in the design and implementation of their strategies, evaluation, institutional development, and financial resilience.

She has written about the challenges for the development and strengthening of civil society in Mexico, including regulations to prevent money laundering in Mexico and their impact on civil society organizations.

She is a counselor for the Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature, and Incide Social. She is on the advisory board of the International Center for Not-for-profit Law.

She has a Master’s degree in Development Studies from Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan, and a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from UNAM.

She is also a Perinatal Educator certified by La Salle University.

Mayra Calderón Jaidar

She has been the Administrative Coordinator at COMETA since May 2022.

Until 2020, she served as Assistant to the General Director of Ferrocarriles y Terminal del Valle de México.

From 2014 to 2020, she was in charge of the administrative and personnel area of ​​the companies Contraste Total and Tintorería Meiga. Between 2010 and 2014 she was responsible for the projects area at the Espinosa Rugarcía Foundation I.B.P., where she coordinated the ESRU Escucha, a project whose goal was to deliver cochlear implants and Hearing Therapies. Under her coordination, this initiative fostered the program of ESRU Art, the ESRU painting contest Give Your Opinion and the Writing Contest with the Colegio de Bachilleres (a public high school institution in Mexico).

Until 2009 she actively participated in the creation of Fundación Querer Ser, where she was director of public relations, advertising and marketing. She served as marketing coordinator at Cablevisión from 1997 to 2005.

She also has more than twenty years of experience in advertising agencies, where she became an account manager for clients such as Gamesa and Mattel. She is a graduate of the Universidad Anáhuac del Norte from the Faculty of Business Administration.

Anna Langheinrich

Anna is a full-time senior consultant at COMETA since February 2021.

She has experience in institutional development and project management as well as the implementation of strategies for the sustainable development of civil society organizations.

For 15 years she has been working with different organizations in Germany and Mexico, mainly in the social justice and human rights field. From 2016 to 2020 she was the Institutional Development Coordinator of the Centro de Justicia para la Paz y el Desarrollo (Cepad A.C.), a civil society organization working on gross human rights violations in Jalisco, Mexico.

From 2014 to 2016, she was part of Amnesty International’s regional office in Guadalajara, Mexico, where she worked in Fundraising. She is a graduate of the University of Hamburg (Germany) with a Master’s degree in Social Anthropology, Economics and Latin American Studies.

Tonatiuh Paz

Philosophy intern at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the The National Autonomous University of Mexico.

From 2008 to 2015, he worked as a research assistant, in a project directed by Dr. Judith Kalman, from the Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute (CINVESTAV), on ICT uses and appropriations in the classroom with teachers from public secondary schools in the State and Mexico City.

He has two years of experience in managing data from online educational platforms of the National System for Professionalization of Teachers, implemented by the National Union of Education Workers.

From 2017 to 2021 he worked as a researcher at ControlaTuGobierno, A.C., a civil society an organization dedicated to training, advising and accompanying organized communities to influence public order problems.

Arianna Bizzoni

Full-time Senior Consultant at COMETA since May 2022.

From 2020 to the beginning of 2022, she was Co-responsible for the Strategy for Accompaniment of Women Human Rights Defenders in the National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders in Mexico. Previously, she was Project Assistant on Gender, Justice and Crime Prevention at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Mexico and from 2014 to 2019 she was part of the organization Peace Brigades International (PBI Mexico) as International Human Rights Observer and later as Team Coordinator.

Before arriving in Mexico, she collaborated with civil society organizations in Guinea-Bissau, Nicaragua, Spain and Italy. She is also Co-founder and member of the Board of Directors of the Italian civil association Rumorossə and member of the National Network of Human Rights Defenders in Mexico (RNDDHM).

She has more than 10 years of experience in development cooperation and human rights, has training and experience in security and comprehensive protection for defenders and journalists, political advocacy for the protection of defenders, psychosocial approach and support, gender and feminism, non-formal education with people in vulnerable situations, conflict resolution, meeting facilitation, project and team coordination. She has a Master degree in Philosophy from the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University (Italy).

María MacGregor Aja

Junior consultant at COMETA since March 2022.

From 2018 to 2022, she worked as a high school teacher. Between 2016 and 2017 she was a researcher for the National College, a public institution dedicated to the dissemination of scientific, artistic and humanistic culture. She participated in the research for the exhibition for the 75 years of the College.

She worked at the Ministry of Public Education from 2013 to 2016. She was in charge of monitoring different federal programs in several states of the republic, she also participated in the development of the Guides for the Technical School Council.

She has collaborated on various research projects for civil society and academic institutions. She has a Master degree in History from the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City.

Olaya Reyes

Junior consultant at COMETA since 2021. She specializes in gender and feminism issues. In 2018 she was coordinator of the academic development program at Enlace Rural, a civil association that works in rural communities in Hidalgo.

In 2019, she co-founded the feminist collective Resiliencia Combativa, made up of women and members of the LGBT+ community with the purpose of including gender perspective at ITAM.

In 2020 she co-founded the digital magazine Transborde which seeks to incite reflection in the cross-border community through academic essays on the northern border region.

She is an internationalist from ITAM and studied mandarin at National Taiwan Normal University.


Shaamela Cassiem

She collaborates with COMETA since 2019 in budget analysis and participation research. She is an expert in human rights, gender, equallity and children’s rights. She has over 20 years of experience working in civil society in South Africa and internationally. Further, her work draws strongly on an intersectionality lens to support social justice goals.

Christian Gruenberg

He collaborates with COMETA since 2018 in facilitation, and training processes. He is an expert in human rights, feminism, access to information and public bidding processes. Currently, he is an independent legal advisor and founding member of the Collective for Diversity (COPADI). He has been Director of Transparency International Argentina, the Anti-Corruption Program of the Poder Ciudadano Foundation and the Transparency Program of the Center for Public Policies for Equity and Growth. He also worked in the Public Ministry of Defense of the City of Buenos Aires. He is a lawyer from the University of Buenos Aires, has a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University and a diploma in Public Policy from the University of Chile.

Jorge Israel Hernández Herrera

He collaborates with COMETA in facilitation and technical assistance on communication for advocacy related projects. He is a specialist in conflict management, strategic communication, media and political analysis. Currently, he is the General Underdirector of Content and Liaison of the Judicial Channel, the public network of the Mexican Supreme Court of Justice and he is a teacher in various academic institutions such as the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and the Center for Research and Teaching in Economics (CIDE). He was communication advisor of the Representative in Mexico of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, where he has also been a specialized consultant. He holds a Master degree in Human Rights from the Universidad Iberoamericana, a BA in Journalism and Collective Communication from UNAM and has a diploma in conflict management from the National University of La Plata.

Gerardo Maldonado Hernández

He collaborates with COMETA since 2017 in the design of methodologies for the development of strategic thinking. He is an expert in the construction of indicators, comparative political behavior, culture and political attitudes, public opinion and international politics. Gerardo is currently an Assistant Professor at the International Studies Division in the Center for Research and Teaching in Economics (CIDE) since 2010. He is also General Director of the Latin American regional project “The Americas and the World: Public Opinion and International Politics”. He has been visiting researcher at the Kennedy School of Government in Harvard University (USA) and the Institute of International Relation in the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil). He holds a BA in Public Administration from El Colegio de Mexico (Mexico) and a PhD in Political and Social Sciences from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain).

Melissa Ortíz Massó

She collaborates with COMETA since 2015 in the design and facilitation of strategic thinking and training processes. She is an expert in gender, legislative analysis and advocacy related with public policy, private enterprises & human rights and stakeholder analysis. Currently, she is the representative for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean of the Information Center on Business and Human Rights. She also worked with Fundar, Center for Analysis and Research during 10 years with various responsibilities. She has a degree in International Relations from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Tania Sánchez Andrade

She collaborates with COMETA since 2017 in facilitation processes, systematization of experiences and strategic planning. She is a specialist in public policies, transparency, access to information and accountability. Currently, she is an independent consultant, has a long career as an activist in transparency, access to information and accountability. She was the Director General of International Affairs of the Federal Institute of Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (IFAI) and Manager of Learning and Research of the Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency (GIFT). She holds a degree in International Relations from El Colegio de México and a Master in International Relations with focus on Political and Economic Development from Columbia University.

Maylí Consuelo Sepúlveda Toledo

She collaborates with COMETA since 2017 in the design of methodologies for research and social accountability trainings. She is an expert in social accountability, community participation, access to information, transparency and accountability. Currently, she is founder and the Executive Director of Controla tu Gobierno. She has been a consultant for international organizations including the Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency (GIFT), American University, William & Flora Hewlett Foundation, the International Budget Partnership (IBP), the World Bank and the United Nations Development Program, on accountability and promotion of access to information projects. She was the Director of Liaison with Civil Society in the Federal Institute of Access to Public Information and the Federal Electoral Institute in Mexico. For more than a decade she has given workshops and offered public advice in the Electoral Court of the Federal Judicial Branch and the Federal Electoral Institute.

Eduardo Villareal Cantú

He collaborates in COMETA since 2017 in the design of evaluation and facilitation methodologies for strategic thinking. He is an expert in public policy, design of evaluation methodologies and public participation. Currently, he is professor at the Center for Research and Teaching in Economics (CIDE) and in the Latin American Faculty for Social Sciences (FLACSO). He has collaborated academically with the Organization of American States, the Slim Foundation, Article 19, among others. He holds a BA on Political Science from the Autonomous University of Nuevo León (UANL), a Master in Administration and Public Policies from CIDE and a Master in Public Management by the UANL. He has a PhD on Public Policies from the Institut de Govern i Polítiques Públiques (IGOP, Barcelona) and the Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po, Paris).

Juan Francisco Bezares

Associate consultant in COMETA since 2015. He collaborates in evaluation and strategic reflection processes. He is an expert in strategic communication for institutions in the public and private sectors. He has a track record in public service in the areas of transparency, accountability and protection of personal data. In his most recent assignment as a public servant, he was Presentation Coordinator of one of the five members of the Plenary of the Institute of Transparency, Access to Public Information, Accountability and Protection of Personal Data of Mexico City (INFO, Mexico City ). He studied politics and public administration at the Colegio de México and has diplomas in Personal Data Protection and cybersecurity from institutions such as CIDE and UDLAP and in Electoral and Political Strategies from ITAM.