Social change and civil society organizations

People often associate civil society organizations with social change. However, do we know why? Where is the relevance of the work undertaken by civil society organizations? We will answer these questions below.  Civil society organizations influence public life  The first aspect for social change where we participate as civil society

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Consulting for social change: what should you know?

It is common to assume that consulting is only reserved for private organizations or governments. But this is far from true: consulting for social change is a tool that allows civil society organizations to better and quickly advance the impact we want to achieve in our work. Its main advantage

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The power of learning among peers:

Procesos de aprendizaje horizontal entre donatarias de la Fundación Hewlett Atzimba Baltazar Macías y Tonatiuh Paz Aguilar La Fundación William & Flora Hewlett se caracteriza por implementar distintas estrategias y habilitar espacios de intercambio y fortalecimiento. Desde 2017, la Fundación ha ofrecido a sus donatarias en México, con el acompañamiento

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